23 Mei 2011

Style Journal №1: Chuntaritos

The thing mankind could tolerate..
Last but not least, keep our splendid friendship forever, Nachos!

More imagery and facts: www.chuntaritos.com

Will Sweeney's Recap / Zapata

Das Pop: The Game from Big Active on Vimeo.

Will Sweeney has a designed and directed a video for Belgian band Das Pop. For the promo, Will was given free reign to to create the organic / mechanic universe in which lead single The Game comes to life.
As Will explains, ‘When I was asked by the fine gentlemen of Das Pop to create a video for their new motorik pop single The Game, the first image that sprang to mind was ‘motorbikes!’, followed by post ‘apocalyptic warrior punks’. Theses are subjects close to my heart, and I wanted to do my best to create a mini movie for the mind’s eye.’

Will Sweeney The Parachute Ending from Big Active on Vimeo.

The second is Will Sweeney and Steve Scott’s promo for Birdy Nam Nam’s “The Parachute Ending” has made the final selection for the Guggenheim Museum’s, YouTube Play biennial of creative video. The inaugural event showcases the most innovative online video from around the world and the judges including Stefan Sagmeister, Darren Aronofsky, Takeshi Murakami and Laurie Anderson had their work cut out going through the 23,300 submissions to produce a final selection of just 20.

His works really inspired me, since when I'm working for Zapata:
Deetoh For 'Zapata' Hoodies Series

Deetoh For 'Zapata' Printed Series

Complete images at Zapata's Facebook Page

Hard to find this man, even on his twitter @willsweeney619
Thanks Mr. Sweeney!

19 Mei 2011


The Ikodot is reference device that allows you to
accurately aim and frame your shots without peer-one eye
through a viewfinder. Keep your both eyes open above
camera, focused your subject for an unimpeded
sense of potential action, lights, and compositional

Designed in the spirit of the original rangefinder
camera. It'll help you to be a better action shooter.
Even teach you not to need it!

Get it for $99 at Ikodot New England
Their awesome website also created by Anthony Dumville
Pics courtesy of Ikodot.

15 Mei 2011

Sanitov Bicycle

All Sanitov products are the outcomes of the fruitful marriage between Chinese and Danish bicycle cultures. The original Sanitov bicycle, the C-type cargo bicycle, is the product of a cultural meeting between traditional Chinese bicycle design and the functionalistic, Danish design approach. The bicycle is an adaptation of a traditional Chinese cargo bicycle infused with the latest technological know-how and Scandinavian minimalism.

I like their tag: "Go Bicycle Before It's Too Late".

10 Mei 2011

From Rubber To Gandaria City

Bon soir!

 La gauche

Je suis Civet de Montpelhièr

Je suis Zi Yi Zhang

Tourne à gauche

Salut UCL!

Au revoir et à demain!