16 Nov 2008


Illustration for Cascade, 2008

I was asked by Sir Dandy Harington to do some for Teenage Death Star, being used or not- I won't care, Sir Dandy is always my boss & prophet, hahaha..., 2008

Civitas Academica

Medisch Unjani, 2007

This one is for ITB's Industrial Design Dept., 2007

ID Card for the student ministry, but the image is too crazy so they prefer the other one..

Graphic for Unpar, 2008

11 Nov 2008


"Polizei", 2006

"Monstar", 2004

"The Panghegars", (Naripan, Bandung) 2004

"Bears", 2004

"Skunk", 2004

"TV & Wabbit", wheatpasting (around BIP, Bandung), 2006

9 Nov 2008

The City of Happiness

artwork for Orders magazine, 2008

This is architecture for all. F--k hierarchy. Further articles, blogs, recent activities on their multiply.

Long Distance Call

mixed media on corrigated box, 2008.

Zzigurat Season #1 - Tribute to The Beatles

These are Zzigurat-my clothing line,specialized in T-shirts #1 Season, the theme was "Tribute to The Beatles". Can be found at Elysium store, jl.maulana yusuf 10 Bandung.

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